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Dear Feasters,

We are delighted that you can join us for our urban picnic adventure! We can’t wait to win you over with our springtime menu and the beautiful Walker Jones garden space, and hope you’re just as excited as we are for this outdoor feast. In honor of spring, we offer a multi-course meal infused with fresh herbs from the garden.

Plan on a pre-dinner garden ramble and tour from garden director, Sarah Bernardi, harvesting some uber-local garden greens for salad, snipping fresh herbs, and dining by candlelight when the sun goes down. Don’t worry about wearing nice shoes, but do bring something warm for when it gets chilly because we unfortunately will not have any alcohol on hand to keep you warm. Boss’s orders, since we’re using a garden associated with DC Public schools.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in the garden!

Carina and Ibti

“Cooking in the spring is like make-up sex after the bitter fight with winter,”
- Mike Lata, Chef, Fig in Charleston, South Carolina

  • Meal Start Time
    6 p.m.
  • Location
    Mt Venron
  • Address
    Sent upon purchase
  • Address Type
    Pop-up space
  • Alcohol Policy
    No Alcohol
  • Pets
    No pets
  • Parking
    On street
  • Meal Length
    3 hours
  • Dress Code
  • Serving Style
  • Meal Size
  • Shoe Policy
    Shoes allowed
  • Children
    Kid friendly

  • What have folks said
    Comment for "Grilled Chicken Summer Salad"
    Noah had a nice casual demeanor and was friendly with the guests. He was not forthcoming on the origin of the serving bowl, however which put some of the guests on edge.

    Comment for "Grilled Chicken Summer Salad"
    Aristotelian radiant magnanimity

    Comment for "Grilled Chicken Summer Salad"
    Looking forward to the next meal.

    Comment for "Grilled Chicken Summer Salad"
    Would eat with Noah again


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    $ 30.00 / person
    Meet the Host
    Noah K.

    I have been fascinated by food and the role it plays in our life and culture since a young age.I started cooking when I was seven and have not stopped since. My travels in the Middle East, Africa, and South America have opened my senses to various spices and flavors combinations. It has also allowed me to gain first hand experience of food in various culture. There is no greater joy than meeting new people around the dinner table.

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