How can I be a Feastly Cook?
Why do I need to complete my profile?
How does Feastly protect its cooks and promote safety?
Can I set “house rules"?
How do I set a fair meal price?
Does Feastly charge a fee for each transaction?
Can I make my meal private?
What about alcohol?
Can I set a maximum number of guests?
Can I list my meal with multiple seating or multiple dates?
How should I market my meal?
How far in advance should I post my meal?
How can I check how many Feasters have viewed or purchased a seat for my meal?
What does “Crave” mean and how does this feature help me?
How will I know if seats have been purchased for my meal?
How do I send a message to all my guests?
What if a Feaster cancels their seat?
What happens if I have to cancel my meal due to extenuating circumstances?
What if I am running late with my cooking?
What about food safety?
What should I expect during a meal?
Can I be hired by Feasters for other events?
Can I add or subtract seats?
What are the press opportunities that exist as a Feastly Cook?
Could I speak to someone at Feastly regarding any other questions?
Is it necessary for a cook to have a valid license? For example, food service permit.
How do I end the meal?
Can tickets only be sold through the Feastly web site?
How large or small can the event be? Is there a size limit?
Can my pop up become a weekly thing? Can I host more than one a week?
Can you help me find a place to host?
At what skill level does Feastly accept home cooks?
Why do I need a profile?
I can’t login into my Feastly account or I’m getting an error message.
Where can I update my account? Change my photo, etc.?
Where did the credits in my account come from?
What is the Feaster Fee?
Some meals are listed as free – what does this mean? Do I pay upon arrival?
Can I RSVP for myself and another Feaster if that guest is not registered on the Feastly website?
Can I bring a guest to the meal I’m attending?
What does ‘Request a Date’ on a meal card mean?
What is the Frequent Feaster Loyalty Program?
How do I apply my credits?
Why are my credits not applying?
Can Feastly help me coordinate a private event?
How would I cancel if I need to?
What is your refund policy?
Once I cancel my seats, how long does it usually take for the refund to process?
Some meals are listed as private. Can I attend those meals?
What are table manners and etiquette? How does Feastly encourage good behavior?
What is the policy on arriving late to a meal?
Where can I find the address of the event?
Why is the meal’s address not listed?
Where can I find the address for the meal I’m attending?
Do I need to tip?
How do drinks work at the events?
I know it’s BYOW, but is there a corkage fee?
Do I need a bring anything, ie a ticket, with me to the meal?
How do you ensure good, clean food in a safe environment?
How does Feastly address my dietary restrictions and food allergies?
How do I book a seat?
When do I need to pay? Can I pay at the event?
Can I pay with cash?
How can I contact a chef?
How do I leave a review?
What is your cancellation policy?
How can I tell if a meal is BYOB?
It says BYOW, will there be wine bottle openers provided?
I didn't realize I could have used a promo code. Is there any way to retroactively apply the discount?
I just saw a meal that I’d love to attend, but I can’t go that day. Do you know when the chef will host again?
How can I check if the chef can accommodate my dietary restrictions? Ie. vegetarian, vegan, etc….
Is there a way to sort by location?
Can I set up an alert for a kind of cuisine?
Can I set up an alert for a chef?
At the meal will we be seated at a private table or a shared table with other people?
How do I add myself to the waitlist for an event?
I have a discount code, where can I apply it?
What meals can promotional codes be applied to?
Is it a set menu or do I order at the meal?
What is Feastly?
How does it work?
Who are Feastly cooks?
Who makes up the Feastly community?
When will Feastly be in my city?
How can I help bring Feastly to my city?
Is there an app?
Which countries has Feastly expanded to so far?
Where is Feastly available?
Is Feastly only in the United States?
Where can I refer my friends?
Where are Feastly meals hosted?
Generally, how large are the dinners?
How far in advance are meals scheduled?
Do you have gift cards?
How can I be notified when you come to my city?
I’m interested in learning more about how Feastly got started, where can I do that?
How can I earn referral credits?
I am interested in doing some editorial work with your team. Do you have any opportunities in that area?
I’m a member of the press, or run a personal blog/website dedicated to food. How could I get in touch?
I would like to work for Feastly. Where are your job openings listed?
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